School Wellness Summit

2021 School Wellness Summit Resources

8th Annual School Wellness Summit Objectives:

  • Engage educators, medical professionals and community partners to advance a culture of wellness.
  • Examine the impact of Employee Wellness programs.
  • Summarize the California Department of Education’s guidelines on Local School Wellness Policies.

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Summit Agenda Topics


Dr. Susan Salcido | Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools

SBC EducationThe Santa Barbara County School Wellness Council would like to thank Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Susan Salcido for her continued participation and support since 2014 of the annual School Wellness Summit, which is a valued professional learning opportunity for members of our school communities.


Five Ingredients of Resiliency | Suzanne Grimmesey

Resiliency is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or other significant sources of stress. Resiliency is the ability to know how to navigate resources — and the capacity to bounce back.

Relationships that are built through hard times can be exceptionally resilient – and even continue when a “new normal” begins (perhaps as we are experiencing with COVID). These relationships may even help us to more effectively “rise to the occasion” when the next crisis occurs (as we know it will).

A resilient team, or community, can respond to crisis in ways that strengthens the team or community bonds, strengthens resources available, and strengthen the capacity as a team or community to cope. Community resilience is the individual — and collective — capacity to respond to adversity and change.

SB County Department of Behavior WellnessSuzanne Grimmesey, MFT, PIO/Chief Quality Care and Strategy Officer, is responsible for leadership of Quality Care and Strategy Management within the Department of Behavioral Wellness.

Suzanne has worked with the Department of Behavioral Wellness since 1998 in a variety of roles, including Quality Assurance Training Coordinator, Calle Real Adult Outpatient Clinic Manager, Mental Health Treatment Court Program Manager, Division Manager for Children's Services and Division Chief for Program Operations. She earned her BA in Psychology from the University of San Diego, holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness

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ACEs and Toxic Stress: Understanding and Responding to the Needs of Your Students | Mariana Harms & Barbara Finch

Provides an introduction to California’s ACEs Aware initiative and offers a brief overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences, associated health and behavioral health risks, and the link between ACEs and toxic stress. Introduces the 7 C’s of Resilience and the Stress Busters Wheel as strategies for mitigating the impacts of toxic stress through activities and interactions.

Mariana Harms is a Spanish-speaking bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Manager of Clinical Training at CALM. She has been working children and families in the Santa Barbara area since 2012 and regularly trains community members on ACEs, trauma, resilience, and trauma-informed approaches to working with youth. She is the lead trainer for the Pediatric Resiliency Collaborative.

Barbara Finch is the Children & Adult Network Director for the Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services. As Director of the KIDS Network / Resilient Santa Barbara County and co-founder of the Bridges to Resilience Conference, she has been instrumental in launching Santa Barbara’s countywide, multi-sector ACEs and resilience movement and is deeply involved in the local ACEs Aware initiative.

Children and Adult Network Director
Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services
234 Camino Del Remedio
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
(805) 681-4678

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Website Resources:
Roadmap for Resilience: CA-Surgeon-General's Report on ACEs, Toxic Stress, and Health
Bridges to Resilience Local Resources
ACEs Aware
PACEs Connection


Labor-Management Partnership; A Winning Approach To Workplace Wellness In Schools | Isabelle Wettergren

Isabelle Wettergren, MA, NBC-HWC is a native of Montréal, Canada, and speaks French fluently. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a Master's in Health & Wellness Psychology-Organizational Leadership. She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Certified Professional Recovery Coach. Isabelle is an active member of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), where she holds several workplace wellness certifications. She also serves at various levels of leadership with the Net Institute Center for Addiction & Recovery Education and the NWI.

Isabelle is the Founder of Teachers’ Wellness Coaching & Consulting; An organization dedicated to helping school districts develop systems, policies, programs, and practices known to positively impact the culture and overall wellbeing of employees and the students they serve.

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School Wellness

Local School Wellness Policy and Triennial Assessment

Michael Danzik, MPH, RD
Nutrition Education Consultant
California Department of Education
1430 N St., Ste. 4503
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 445-7346

School Nutrition

Webinar: Tuesdays at 2 School Nutrition Town Hall

Nutrition Services Division (NSD) continues the discussion, policy guidance, and sharing of best practices for operating School Nutrition Programs (SNP) as local educational agencies navigate multiple nationwide waivers and persevere with planning quality services during school year 2021–22.

The Tuesday @ 2 School Nutrition Town Hall webinar will include SNP directors who will discuss their food service operations and how they are serving meals during COVID-19, addressing program requirements, and promoting program participation.

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CA Local School Wellness Policy Collaborative Webinars

Highlighting research, policy, systems, environmental changes and promising practices to inspire school communities’ wellness policies.

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Covid 19

COVID-19 Guidance in the Child Nutrition Programs

In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a number of nationwide federal waivers and approved state-specific requests intended to provide temporary flexibilities to certain regulatory requirements of the Child Nutrition Programs (CNP). The CNPs referenced are the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Seamless Summer Option (SSO), School Food Service Program (SFSP), Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). The California Department of Education (CDE) is assisting program operators of the CNPs by posting policy guidance and waivers, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For the latest announcements and updates, visit the CDE Nutrition What’s New web page.

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Five Tools for Simple Self Care | Jenny Tucker

Five Tools for Simple Self Care: Tune in with Jenny Tucker, School Counselor and Mental Health Advocate, to dive into some basic tools for in-the-moment self care for when you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or just plain old stressed. You are not alone if you've felt anything but calm or at peace lately. But, peace of mind and connection to yourself, your community, and the world around you are always available to you, even when they seem far off. Everything you need is already within you. Join us to put a few more tools in your self care toolbox!

Jenny Tucker is a school counselor, yoga teacher and mental health advocate. She received her MA in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Arizona in 2016 and has experience in crisis response, school counseling, victim/witness advocacy, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Jenny is passionate about using mindfulness as a tool to show up more fully in our lives and in the world, both for ourselves and for each other. She loves going on hiking and yoga adventures, teaching others about mindfulness and mental health awareness, jumping in the ocean, and spending time with her husband, 1-year old son, and rescue lab.

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Let's Eat Healthy Program

Dairy Council of California | Let’s Eat Healthy Session Information

It’s All Connected: School Nutrition, Social Emotional Learning, and the Social Emotional School Climate

  • Explain the connection between School Nutrition, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Social Emotional School Climate (SEC).
  • Identify Policy, Systems and Environmental strategies to support the Social Emotional School Climate through school nutrition and nutrition education.
  • Identify how overlapping SEL and Nutrition Education supports school wellness goals.

Cultivating SEL Through Nutrition Education
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It's All Connected
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Building Food & Nutrition Literacy
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Bessie O’Connor, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Community Nutrition Adviser with Dairy Council of California. In her role as a Community Nutrition Adviser, she provides resources and technical advising, increasing access to nutritious food and nutrition education to prioritize health equity in California.
(805) 320-0890

Heather Reed MA, RDN is a Nutrition Consultant with the Dairy Council of California, providing leadership in the proactive Let’s Eat Healthy campaign. As founding member and former co-chair of the CA LSWP, she established a highly effective statewide system for supporting wellness policy in schools that serves as a model for many states and counties. In her work at the California Department of Education, she also led the SLM of CA collaborative and oversaw statewide wellness grant programs.

Dairy Council of California is a nutrition education organization committed to elevating the health of children and families through the pursuit of healthy eating habits. Recently, the organization launched Let’s Eat Healthy, a movement that invites multi sector collaboration, coordination and co-creation to support children, families and healthier communities. Learn more about Dairy Council of California:


Local School Wellness Champions

Local School Wellness Champions

The Bodenhamer Family
“My boys love school but loathe Zoom school,” says Mr. Bodenhamer, who lives in Goleta, Calif. “P.E. takes the edge off and gets their pent-up energy out.” Mr. Bodenhamer and his wife, Bethany Bodenhamer, dean of students at a local high school, are both avid CrossFitters and have always encouraged their boys to be active.
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Goleta-Area Brothers Jump at Chance to Buy Jump Ropes for Fellow Elementary Students
Titus, Solomon and Jeremiah Bodenhamer are raising funds and creating workout videos to encourage other kids to stay active.
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The Heart & Hamer Boys
Three brothers @heartandhamer take on CrossFit benchmark workout Cindy in their garage gym.
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100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club

Since 1993, 100 Mile Club® has been the elite school-based program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation. The award-winning 100 Mile Club program improves the health and well-being of children at school through daily physical activity in a noncompetitive, supportive, and fully-inclusive environment.
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100 Mile Club To Go
For those not associated with a school.
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Apples to Zucchini Cooking School

Community Partners & Resources

Apples to Zucchini Cooking School
See how we teach children how to cook together, eat together and clean up together. All of our classes can be taught outdoors...preferably near a garden!

Nancy Martz is the Executive Director of Apples to Zucchini Cooking School, a non-profit that teaches children, teens and adults how to prepare delicious, nutritious, affordable meals made from real food.

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Wilderness Youth Project Presentation

Wilderness Youth Project’s Bridge to Nature programs serve our community’s students from low-income families and meets them where they already are, at our partner organization sites and at schools. From preschool through high school, we meet at low-income housing and schools, community centers and youth service agencies. These programs, paired with the opportunities to join summer camp on scholarship, allow participants to maintain consistent and reliable connections with our mentors. Going outdoors is one of the best ways to keep kids excited about learning and to build their connection with the natural world.

Wilderness Youth Project’s Bridge to Nature and afterschool programs are available to students in underserved schools and communities. Learn more on why access to nature matters for youth of all backgrounds and how you can get involved.

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